Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another One Added to The Collection

For my sisters 20 something birthday a few weeks ago, I bought here these Rodarte Spring 09 shoes, and they are KILLERS! She recently wore them on her trip to London and I am excited to give them a shot soon since we are the same size ;) THEY ARE HOOOTTTTTTT


With the ugly weather here in Hamilton, I've had a lack of inspiration. The weather is ugly and all I've been wanting to wear lately is BLACK.. But now I'm back and inspired.

I recently was looking through O Magazine and I came across one of the greatest dressers of all time- Iris Apfel. She is known as the Queen of Accessories, and she is known in the fashion world for her sense of mixing and layering haute couture pieces with vintage, flea-market, low end pieces. She is phenomenal and she is over 80! Wow SOOO inspired. What do you think of her looks??