Thursday, April 30, 2009

I want pants like these

--that is all :)

I'm ready to start my summer!
(Photos above by Ashley Deeley)
Last weekend was a good week to start my summer off! Me, my sister and our friends went out for a night on the town. Unfortunately, I got a little carried away and drank too much, but nonetheless I had so much fun! I just got my exam marks back and they are pretty good for my first year, and I am going to celebrate this summer!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet Malcolm

Malcolm enjoys crisp white tees, hot summer nights and an intellectual conversation about the pyschological aspects of human nature. When Malcolm's not acing tests, he enjoys drinking hard liquor while listening to anything from Common to Alexisonfire. Malcolm is a straight up bad mutha fucka, who will not only outdress you, but also outsmart you!

(Malcolm is seen above wearing a vintage red plaid shirt from Value Village, Black Leather Hoodie from Forever 21 and Brown faux glasses from Urban Outfitters.)

Hot Investment: Leather Bomber Hoodie

I think that leather has made a huge comeback this season from leather leggings for women, to leather hooded jackets for men. This jacket is definitely a great investment for any guy who wants to step up his look. You can basically wear it over anything, and I personally love seeing guys in hooded leather jackets! PLUS this hoody can be carried over for seasons to come!

(Malcolm is seen wearing above a pork pie hat from China Town, striped white and navy shirt from H&M, black eyelet skinny tie from Salvation Army and a brown belt.

Hot Investment: Black Square Skinny Tie

Skinny ties are definitely something that all young guys should think about investing in. You can find them in the mall or suit stores, but they can be pretty pricey. A good place to find them would be either in second-hand stores like Salvation Army or Value Village, or on Ebay they can be found for reallly cheap! Since skinny ties are a lot more casual then regular ties, they can definitely be worn at night, and during the day without looking too dressed up like a penguin! hehe. Especially worn with jeans and a hat, it really looks amazing!

(Malcolm is seen above wearing a white v-neck tee, and yellow and black plaid hoodie from American Apparel)

Hot Investment: A colorful stormbreaker jacket

I think a stormbreaker jacket is a really good item to have for the spring and summer because they are a lot lighter than wearing a regular cotton hoodie, and I really like the shine that they have over a regular cotton jacket. A colorful stormbreaker jacket is a really fun item to have, and they are super 80's! I especially like Malcolm's that he is wearing above, because of the combination of red and yellow which complement each other enormously! So definitely I think if someone is thinking of buying a stormbreaker jacket, it should definitely be in a really bright, neon color!

Thanks to my darling friend Malcolm, for allowing me to dress him up and to my wonderful boyfriend, Luis who took these beautiful pics! You can find more of his work on,!

Are you interested in showing off your hot style? Please let us take your picture on the streets or in a studio!!

xo Estee

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I love D-squared, but I especially like their mens wear, and their choice of male models, WOW!

American Idoltry by Terry Richardson
American photographer, recently came out with these amazing pictures for V magazine, which features wax celebrities! I love the concept, and the way the model looks is amazing!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lykke Li: Swedish Elle May 09

If you haven't yet heard of Lykke Li, I highly suggest you youtube her music, and watch some of her accoustic bathroom singing sessions!

Coming Soon...

I just did my first photoshoot for men, and a friend of mine, Malcolm, modeled and looked amazing! I helped with the styling, and my boyfriend Luis took the pictures and I am so excited to put them up for everyone to see!
xo Estee

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I want I want I want!
Deka Ray Jewellery is amazing! It has been featured in many magazines such as I.D Magazine, Elle, Teen Vogue, and has been worn by some of my favorite artists such as Keri Hilson and Kanye West! Deka Ray has really geometric looking jewellery, and it is perfect for wearing over a plain white v-neck tee! I must get my hands on one, ebay possibly?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A note for Lady Gaga:
Dear Lady Gaga. Girl you-so-different! The music you sing is so edgy and special, especially the songs with Akon are very pretty original! You are so indie, and everything you do is "art"! Gaga, wearing no pants doesn't distract anyone from your 60 year old face! You are not Karen O, you aren't any different from any other pop artist. Go make some real music, put some pants on and cover your face. hehehe
Frida Kahlo Street Art
Here I am in downtown Hamilton, in front of my favorite street art, of Frida Kahlo. It was done by someone very special to me, and you can see this image throughout the city! Keep your eyes peeled for them!

Here is a closeup of my poncho that I got from American Apparel in Montreal

Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Street Fashion Website:
The Sartorialist!
Scott Schuman is the creator of the best (in my opinion) street fashion website on the Internet! I would barely even call it street fashion, because the people that are on this website are unbelievable people who look like they are straight off the couture runway! You can check this website out on,, its great for outfit ideas! This is what I aspire to be like :

Fashionable People doing Questionable Things

Here's some pictures from my premiere night out since exams, I'm really looking forward to my summer which has just begun! More time's for my family, best friends, and I'm starting a new great job!! One of my best friends, Christina, is finally coming home from Ottawa and I'm so excited to see her! Check out these pics from last weekend, that my girl, Ashley Deeley took with her new camera! I want it!

Pictured above is Ashley, with her favorite gal on her shirt, Agyness Deyn!

Luis, always making himself look like he's in pain in pictures, its his thing lol

me me me wearing my new shades, ha thanks sash! lol and urban outfitters poncho

Felicia with her vintage floral dress, transparent purse from Aldo and Urban Outfitters Blazer

If Only Working Out Looked This Good!

So I've been trying to keep in shape lately in time for the summer, going to the gym and everything and I came across these pictures. Look how amazing the girls look while "working out!" If only... lol I look busted while working out but hey, it will all help in the end! lol Check out these pictures by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue back in 2006:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amazing new Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Performed on Letterman!

Love Magazine Issue #1

Love Magazine premiered it's magazine with these great pictures. All of the following pictures were done for an editorial listing the A-Z's of fashion. Check them out:

J for John Galliano Clothing

Q for Agyness Deyn as the Queen

G for Georgia Jagger, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall's daughter who models

A for Adriana Lima as Amy Winehouse

L for Lara Stone, I love her look!

And this one was another editorial featured in the magazine, starring...the girl who played Pink Ranger in Power Rangers?lol

Queen Amy!

E for Erin Wasson

Raquel Zimmerman