Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Designer of the Moment: Rodarte

I'm obsessed with designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy who are Rodarte. They are from California, and they are pretty new to the huge fashion world, but they have proven themselves as new fashion royalty! Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the talent behind Rodarte, have loved fashion their whole lives, though they may not outwardly exude it—they are both self-admitted geeks. Neither ever studied fashion formally; instead, both women attended University.

Rodarte to me are everything that I wish I could put my hands on in fashion. They create the most beautiful, edgy and feminine clothes that are light yet structured. My personal favorites are their knitted stockings, suicide high heels and draped dresses hung by chains, Check them out!

I would kill for these!!


Just look at the way the clothes hang by a chain, genius!

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