Sunday, May 3, 2009

Action Jackson!
Michael Jackson inspired Streetwear!

photography by ashley deeley
styling by felicia mancini

(wearing red leather structured jacket from Black Market, Toronto; Mickey Mouse t-shirt from Out of the past, tights from Costa Blanca, diamond heels from Guess)

(wearing navy and blue jacket from De ja Vu , sequence top from Urban Behaviour and red platform shoes from Aldo)

(wearing $1 Salvation Army jacket, black sequence top from Value Village)

(wearing Black pleather bomber from Metro Boutique, Black ruffled vest from Winners, black loafers from Forever21)

(click to enlarge photos)

Whether you realise it or not, Michael has always been ahead of his time in music and in fashion! Everything that he has worn has made its way in the future of fashion! Take some tips from the King of Pop himself! P.S I'm really jelous that my sister, Felicia and friend, Ashley who took the pics above are actually getting the chance to see Michael at his sold out show in July in London!!


  1. Love this, thanks for such a great post!

  2. Love it.

    Love that blue and red jacket!!

    Luce. x