Friday, June 26, 2009

Death of a Legendary Man

There are no words that can describe the loss the world will face, after Michael Jackson has been taken away from us. I believe Michael was a pure soul, that just wanted to feel loved. He brought so much joy and happiness to music lovers, and his humanitarian actions were undeniable. It's sad to think we all will never see him sing or dance again.
Tonight my friends and I are attending a Michael Jackson party, and I'm very excited to dance and celebrate his life. It will be a bitter-sweet time I'm sure. I have been brought up by my El Salvadorian mother who knew the words to Michael's songs before she knew English. He will definitely be missed, but his music will continue in my families home.
"Tell the angels no
I dont wanna leave my baby alone
I dont want nobody else to hold me
Thats a chance I'll take
Baby Ill stay
Heaven can Wait"

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